Strategic Business Planning

When a business concept is evolved it is necessary to determine how the business will achieve its ultimate goals of being successful. It is through a business plan that the business owners determine how the business will survive and grow.

Components of a business plan:

  1. Determine the mission of the business
  2. Determine what product or service your business will sell and what management team you will have
  3. Undertake a SWOT analysis of the business
  4. Determine what assets are required in the business
  5. Determine what working capital is required
  6. Determine how you are going to match your product or service to the market
  7. Determine how you are going to finance the setup and working capital required

We can assist you in developing your business plan so as you are focused on your business objectives and increase your chances of survival and growth

Cash Flow Projections

No business can survive without cash flow. The incorporation of a cash flow projection into your business plans will enable you to achieve the following:-

  1. Forecast in advance when your business will experience cash flow problems
  2. Give you a measuring stick to evaluate the performance of your business
  3. Assist you in determining whether you finance your working capital with short term or long term debt
  4. Assist you in gaining finance from lenders